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A mission to help you live the optimal healthy life you deserve through all natural remedies.  

After winning the Visa lotto Anna Leah moved from her hometown in Windsor, Ontario Canada to the United States in 1994. She then used her Honors B.A in Drama in Education from the University of Windsor to teach at various elementary schools. During summers, she worked at camps as a Drama specialist. A few years later, Anna spent two more years as a principal/school director and shortly after felt it was time to start a family.

In 1997, she was blessed with her first child and was fortunate enough to be able to take the next ten years to raise three beautiful children--two boys and a girl. 


After noticing several family and friends dealing with conditions like diabetes, cancer, heart issues and more, Anna Leah decided to change her former career from educating children to educating the public on natural health and healthy living. 


She is a strong believer in Epigenetics -- meaning one is fully able to change their environment, diet, mindset and lifestyle to heal any unhealthy genes that are contributing to a health condition. Anna also believes that many conditions are preventable and reversible. 

As her children grew older, Anna Leah spent the next few years studying to be a Health Consultant, Detox Specialist and Nutritionist, also receiving several certificates through Total Health Mastery.  Shortly after, she was able to help many people improve their health by teaching mini workshops in local communities. She soon realized that her practices wasn't getting to the ROOT cause of why they have their ailments.


Anna then became encouraged by a health practitioner to take a workshop from a nurse to learn the Emotion Code. That weekend experience inspired her to want to master this modality. It completely changed her entire practice and method of healing. Anna Leah especially appreciates her statement when the nurse expresses that if she knew this modality a lot sooner, most of her patients in the hospital would have left a lot sooner!

This was enough to get Anna incredibly motivated to obtain her certificate and begin utilizing this modality first and foremost while helping anyone get to the ROOT of their condition in order to reach Optimal Health!

Currently, Anna Leah still spends her time as a mother -- continuing to raise 3 young adults with her husband of over 25 years. She continues to help people stay healthy through her Emotion Code modality and the Healthy Haven Live Show, which she produced and hosts--the first and Only Health Show so far in San Diego.  All of which can be seen in more detail on the other parts of this web page and on Youtube under: Natural Healthy Haven.

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