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Premier Research lab offers a huge selection of beneficial supplements. The world leader in cellular resonant formulations. 
This company has products that are organic, with no fillers, ie: Magnesium Stearate or artificial flavors. They come in either capsule or liquid form ensuring easy digestion and quick absorption.
Products to consider for overall wellbeing are Digestive Enzymes after any cooked meal, Fem Balance to regulate woman's hormones, hot flashes, etc,
Some Brain Supplements for focus and clarity, Anti-aging products, Magnesium powder that many of us are deficient in, pink salt, coconut oil, Vitamin D-3,  K2 combo and so much more.  

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Colloidal Silver

New form of Frequency Medicine in a Silver product. Kills and neutralizes mold, yeast, fungus , bacteria and viruses.


  CALL : 918 836-8742 to order 

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C Balance Revolutionary Health Device 

It literally works on you round the clock and will scan your body to let you know what program will most benefit your specific needs  throughout the day.

Things it can do include emotional balance, circadian rhythms adjustments, providing brain wave and  Immune system balance ie RNA and DNA stimulation, Stem cell stimulation, wound healing, Repair Bone and soft tissue,, normalizes PH, Reduces Blood pressure, Reduces platelet Adhesions  and so much more.  It can keep your body healthy 24/7 as your wear it all day and night either as a necklace or in your pocket.  This can save you the hundreds of dollars you may be spending on therapists not to mention the time for each visit.

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TouchStone Essentials

Potent Zeolite Cellular Detox, Body & Digest Detox, Calm premium CBD oil and much more !
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Essential Oils

Applying Essential oils topically or even  spraying some in your mouth  can be  just as important  as the  daily potent supplements you  ingest. 

There are oils to boost your  immune  , sleep, digestion disorders, , ADD/  focus, energy, inspiration, stress, antibacterial  and So much more. 

Select the VIP/Referral price when ordering and receive 15% off your entire order when you mention Healthy Haven in your order note at checkout.


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Retinal Protection

Everyone in today's world is subject to retinal damage. With harsh blue lights. Retinal damage is an epidemic as objects of everyday use such as laptops, iPhones, and TV screens are radiating these harsh lights which are detrimental to eye health. Reticare provides special device covers protecting everyone from young children to adults from irreversible eye damage.


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This product helps to boost immune that can help reverse cancer and shrink tumor cells by using  the highest quality of Mushroom Roots in capsule form. This explains why Japan is known to have such longevity.

Call Anna Leah for more information.

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Asea Redox Molecules

An easy way to REPAIR & REJUVINATE your Damaged REDOX CELLS that are contributing to your Autoimmune conditions & causing you to age faster. Email me and I'll send you many links to watch how this works and how you can try a bottle. Family, friends , Doctors and all those that value Optimal Health value this Breakthrough!
Contact Anna for a free remote check on your Redox percentage level and to receive links

How to improve Redox Cell

Revolutionary Powders to Boost Brain, Mood, & Energy

What Doctors Have To Say

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If you spend time on an iPhone, iPad,
computer or are surrounded by wi-fi, you want to protect yourself from the Electric Magnetic Field waves that are considered a "Silent Killer". It is affects overall wellbeing by damaging DNA, focus, sleep, immune system, and much more. View the second half of our first Live Healthy Haven show as Cory Hillis presents valuable information on a power point presentation.
Or visit for further studies.

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Sonic Life

Sonic Life provides affective passive exercise to 100 trillion of the body's cells, facilitates oxygen, stimulates lymphatic circulation, releases cellular trauma, accelerates weight loss, tones muscles including facial and more in up to twenty minutes.

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Nano Soma

Nano Soma's non particles of less than 60nm wide-smaller than a virus quickly travel throughout the body to interact at the cellular level. It has received over 35 patents world wide including 3 in the US. 

Call Anna Leah for more information.


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