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Alkaline Water

Palomar Mountain Spring Water is rated the 5th Best Water in the World with the exact 7.2 PH that the body needs  to have quality hydration with Natural Minerals ie Calcium, Magnesium & Potassium UNLIKE other purified or Alkaline Waters with NO Fluoride  or Chlorine.
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CBD & Hemp

CBD is now legal and in high demand.
Check out links to see huge selection for humans and pets to help with many conditions, ie: stress, inflammation, depression, anxiety, pain, sleep issues, and more.
View second healthy haven show as our guest speaker discusses CBD oil on a powerpoint presentation. Seen on second half of the show.

Retinal Protection

Everyone in today's world is subject to retinal damage. With harsh blue lights. Retinal damage is an epidemic as objects of everyday use such as laptops, iPhones, and TV screens are radiating these harsh lights which are detrimental to eye health. Reticare provides special device covers protecting everyone from young children to adults from irreversible eye damage.


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If you spend time on an iPhone, iPad,
computer or are surrounded by wi-fi, you want to protect yourself from the Electric Magnetic Field waves that are considered a "Silent Killer". It is affects overall wellbeing by damaging DNA, focus, sleep, immune system, and much more. View the second half of our first Live Healthy Haven show as Cory Hillis presents valuable information on a power point presentation.
Or visit www.bioinitiative.org for further studies.
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Sonic Life

Sonic Life provides affective passive exercise to 100 trillion of the body's cells, facilitates oxygen, stimulates lymphatic circulation, releases cellular trauma, accelerates weight loss, tones muscles including facial and more in up to twenty minutes.

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Premier Research lab offers a huge selection of beneficial supplements.
This company has products that are organic, with no fillers, ie: Magnesium Stearate or artificial flavors. They come in either capsule or liquid form ensuring easy digestion and quick absorption.
Products to consider for overall wellbeing are Digestive Enzymes after any cooked meal, Fem Balance to regulate woman's hormones, hot flashes, etc,
Some Brain Supplements for focus and clarity, Anti-aging products, Magnesium powder that many of us are deficient in, pink salt, coconut oil, Vitamin D-3,  K2 combo and so much more.  

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