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What is the Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code was Created by Dr. Bradley Nelson.  It is one of the most revolutionary methods of healing a number of health conditions ranging from Physical, Mental, Emotional and even Spiritual.  It can be considered Energy work.

How does it work?


The Emotion Code works by detecting negative emotions stored in the subconscious mind that can go as far back as when you were in your mother's womb. There are a total of 60 negative emotions and the subconscious can be considered the blueprint to your entire body. Within the subconscious lies information that knows everything about you and why you deal with specific conditions.

Anna Leah detects which negative emotions are stored within your subconscious using a pendant that spins over the top part of your hand or any part of your body. Other practitioners detect it using muscle testing or the O-ring method, etc.

She believes the pendant is ideal even in a circumstance where a person is comatose and can't be muscle tested. She witnessed great success when she went into intensive care units and was able to help those who could hardly sit up or talk. Anna would simply tap into their subconscious mind, detect the emotion and begin the process of releasing the emotion one at a time. Each emotion carries its own frequencies and energy.  Once she detects it, Anna then runs a magnet over the top of their head where the governing meridian lies, and then down the back of their head to remove it. The magnet magnifies the emotion and releases it.

Once Anna releases all emotions affecting the condition, she sees if the condition still remains. If it does, she then looks into the 6 potential imbalances located in the body code which consist of:


Pathogens- parasites, mold, fungus, bacteria or viruses

Misalignment- bone or ligament

Nutrition deficiency/Nutrition Imbalance- ie: something lacking in the diet, or something that needs to be removed that is possibly causing allergy or inflammation

Circuits and Systems-EMF radiation 

Toxic chemicals-mercury, aluminum


The cause of the condition will always be due to one of these imbalances and that's the beauty of being able to detect the ROOT cause of any condition.


​What is so special about this modality?

This modality is special since once you detect the emotions one at a time (like peeling the layers off an onion), you can remove them and get to the ROOT cause of why you have your condition(s). It is quick, non-invasive and permanent.

Conditions this can help with . . .

  • Allergies, PTSD, heart walls, trapped emotions, physical pain, anxiety, ADD, depression, stress, digestion, sleep disorder, weight issues, etc.

  • Removing conditions from your PETS such as separation anxiety, and stress or trauma from rescue animals.

  • Negative energies, old inherited emotions that were picked up from a relative dead or alive.

  • Improving relationships by removing grudges you carry, helping you forgive, build confidence, etc.

  • Bringing you abundance, removing blockages and walls that prevent you from being successful etc.

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