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Negative Emotional Release

Emotion Code sessions offer Free 15 minutes to first time clients then $120-$500/hour depending on your circumstance.  

* All session times will vary based on each individual needs.

* Get details on the Emotion Code by clicking at the right

Health Consultations

Health consultations will help you meet your personal needs to reach optimal

health ie diet, lifestyle, detox options, beneficial supplements, detect if effected by EMF's and more  $30/15 minutes.  Free 15 minutes to 1st time clients.

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Scaler Wave Laser Treatment

This FDA approved hand-held laser helps release stress, improve adrenals,

speed recovery on fractures, painful areas, anti-aging ie wrinkles and so much more. Starting at $2/minute.

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Mud Packing

Mudpacking helps heal scar tissues from surgeries, c-sections, fractures,  wounds etc.  $40 /packed section

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