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This video is intended to help one having Suicidal thoughts , feeling depressed ,  alone or misunderstood  to realize that there is help waiting out there and that each of us is needed in this world.
Life is too valuable and it is not up to us to decide when we end out lives.
We each have a mission to fulfill and if we cut our own life short, we will be sent right back to complete it.
Each obstacle we are faced with is our chance to learn and grow and each new day is an opportunity for 
This was the first music video that Anna Leah wrote and sang herself!
It was intended for the RAAD fest where over 800 people gather yearly from around the world to listen to speakers discuss anti-aging and longevity.
She offered them this video to use as their theme song which they don't have.
It expresses how knowledge is power in staying healthy and living a quality and long life!
 Watch Out is intended to get you all Pumped Up and Ready to Master all of Life's Challenges. Nothing can  stop you or get in your way and if it does, you'll learn to follow and embrace the wave !
So Watch out;  because you got it all Figured out !
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