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Natural Healthy Haven Live Events Background

The Healthy Haven Live Talk Show is a place where community comes together to learn from experts being interviewed and discussing today's top trending health topics. Behind it all is a mission to bring you expert knowledge on living an optimal healthy life with all natural remedies.  

Who is on the show?

​The show welcomes guest speakers, specialists and influencers. It is hosted and produced by Anna Mintz who is a certified natural health consultant & emotional code practitioner.

How did the show come to be and what can you expect?

It has been Anna’s long time vision and passion to want to help people achieve optimal health that she took it upon herself to produce and host the first live Health show in San Diego.

The shows offer 21st century information on how to create a Healthy Haven Here on Earth. It is presented by carefully selected guest speakers as well as Anna Leah herself who all specialize on specific topics. The audience actively participates and is entertained with quiz questions, prizes and raffles. Door giveaways include health stress reliever balls along with  Wristbands to remind our guests to stay health conscious at all times. Guests also receive valuable handbooks upon admission. During the show they watch performances from our variety of Healthy Haven performers, cheerleaders, and dancers that carry out the motto: "Let's Create a Haven Here on Earth."


Tickets start at $12 and 10% of proceeds go to charity organizations such as Shriners Hospital and Doctors Without Borders.  We give to a new charity each show. These shows take place approximately once a month depending on sponsor donations. Anna Leah felt it her mission to use her creativity, knowledge and teaching experience to provide at least two shows to the public so far. Surveys showed that the audience would like this show twice a month and at the very least once a month. Surveyors even requested mini workshops in-between to expand health education. You can contact her to find out when they take place.

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