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Anna Leah's Karaoke Versions of Her Favorite 70’s and 80’s Music

(Giving credit & acknowledgement to all Original Artists)

Anna Leah finds that music and singing soothes the soul and can be a great stress reliever.

Anna Leah States...

"You don't have to be a perfect singer and sing every note just right to have fun singing! We were not born to be perfect or be concerned what others think of us, as we will never be able, nor should we, strive to get the constant positive approval of others before simply having fun doing what we enjoy --such as singing!


I admire these professional, talented artists for being able to master the art of singing and  simply want to encourage us to give it our best shot and do what we enjoy doing!


I share with you the legacy of these talented artists and some beautiful messages several of these songs offer as I have fun attempting to sing them too.


Let go, live life, and let the music move you!"

Below are two songs she authored the lyrics to herself. 

Create A Healthy Haven Here on Earth - Special thanks to Spirit Music and BMG for the permission to modify lyrics to provide message to stay healthy and care for your body on the Healthy Haven Show)


Aiming for Longevity - Anna wrote the lyrics for this song, and gifted it to the RAAD Coalition to use as their theme song at annual fests on anti-aging and longevity)

Songs Anna Gifted to her Husband, and that You can share with your Special Someone:


More handcrafted playlists by Anna Leah...

Anna Quotes, “Allow Music and Dancing to keep you young, vibrant, and your Spirit alive”.


See Anna Leah share her special moment on stage with Abbamania singing Dancing Queen at the Windsor Casino:

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