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Anna Gives Back

Giving Back is Always in Style

Anna and Michael Jackson Impersonator celebrate her 50th birthday fundraiser where all guests were encouraged by Anna's inspirational speech to GIVE BACK to the universe as she states the importance and beauty of giving. 


She emphasizes that you don't always have to give back in a monetary way, as there are other acts of kindness whether it be helping someone out through a service or simply kind words and friendly smiles.

Anna also adds that everything is "loaned " to us, and once we are done with them (clothing, furniture, toys, etc.) we should give it back to the universe and others in order to make room for new things to come in.

All proceeds for the fundraiser went to Feed the Children, Motivating the Teens , Make-a-Wish and other charitable organizations.  Following the speech, guests participated in singing ""Heal the World" allowing Michael Jackson's legacy to live on!

Inspirational Speech & Heal The World Song

Inspirational Speech & Heal The World Song

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