Podcast 1:

Emotion Code, Benefits of PRL Supplements, and Cancer.

Also: The Power of words~Your thoughts and the effect they have on your wellbeing.

Podcast 2: 

-Daily rituals to start your day ie: making your bed, gratitude journals, and pink salt/lemon water

-Brain exercises to stimulate left and right brain

-Intermittent fasting

-Clean eating

-Good vs bad oils

-Quality sleep

-Respecting your circadian rhythm

-Quality hydration

              and so much more...

Podcast 3:

- How Epigenetic's can reverse many health conditions that you claim are from your ancestors or your genes

- Benefits of the Emotion code

- Characteristics of an indigo

- EMF the silent killer

- Diet and Detox

- So Much More! 

Podcast 4:

- Interview with Magic Brad

- Seeking our mission & fulfilling our dreams

- How to appreciate life

- And much more!

Podcast 5:

- Interview with Dr. Ross Carter

- The power of gratitude & how to find positivity in everything

Podcast 6:

- Interview with Lauren Rosenberg (audio on UKHealthRadio / Fearbusters)

- The fear of getting lost  -

How the emotion code deals with fear & anxiety, etc.

Podcast 7:

- Interview with Mimi MacLean 

- How to Naturally Overcome Lymes  & other Autoimmune conditions 

Podcast 8: 

-Interview with Healers Enlightened Network Discussing 21st century ways to detox your body & make it a lifestyle