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Healthy Haven show is the Only live Health show in San Diego started by Anna Leah Mintz.

It is intended to provide 21st century information to help one Reach and Remain in Optimal health through power point presentations with valuable information and tools, handbooks, gifts, guest speakers and performers that entertain related to the theme of that particular show. 

The Healthy Haven team are all volunteers ie Videographers, co-hosts, speakers etc yet the show expenses count on the support of the guests and the viewers who can watch these shows at their leisure.

if they couldn't attend a show. 

All our shows have been most beneficial especially our latest on the Suicide Epidemic when so many more have  been dealing with depression, fear and anxiety as they lost their jobs when Covid 19 struck.

Your support will help pay the venue, DJ, (which we need for sound , mics etc,) , handbooks, gifts and more.  We feel it our mission to provide as many needed topics that can benefit so many conditions that people are dealing with emotionally, physically, mentally and more.

Our upcoming shows will be Bettering your Relationships from a Spiritual Perspective and following that "Let's Age with Grace" !

Thank you for any support you can provide

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